Our Products: 8 Pack, 1/4 Lb. Beef Burgers

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1/4 Lb.

8 Pack, 1/4 Lb. Burgers
100% All Natural Beef

$9.98 Per Package

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Like Nothing You've Had Before!

our 1/4 lb. burgers are perfect for your family gatherings or special occassions. your guests will rave about the amazing flavor and come back for seconds! They truly are more of a “steakburger” than a traditional burger. made from 100% all natural beef with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and nothing artificial. ever.

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Freezer To Grill!

It is not necessary to thaw Circle L Burgers. You can go straight from the freezer to a hot grill.

Cooking Instructions

see general cooking times below, turn once halfway through cooking, remove paper linings before cooking.

Frozen Thawed
Grill: 8-10 Min. 6-8 Min.
Skillet: 10-12 Min. 8-10 Min.
Broiler: 8-10 Min. 6-8 Min.


cooking times vary. Patties are done when internal temperature reaches 160 F. Season to taste. keep frozen until ready to use. if thawed, do not refreeze.