The All Natural Beef Products Lineup from Circle L Ranch

The All Natural Beef Products Lineup from Circle L Ranch

December 30, 2019

All Natural Beef Products Lineup

We take our beef seriously here at Circle L Ranch, and we are offering some of the best tasting, leanest all natural beef products around! From burgers and hot dogs, to ground beef, beef sides, and beef sampler packs, you won't find a better beef product lineup. All the products listed below are available for purchase direct on this website, just select Products from the menu. You can also find our products in Northeast Ohio grocery stores; visit "Where To Buy" in the menu.

Here's a brief tour:

All Natural Beef Burgers

Our all natural beef burgers are perfect for grilling for your family gatherings and special occasions. These great tasting, lean burgers are truly more of a "steakburger" than a traditional hamburger. Made from 100% all natural beef with no antibiotics, no added hormones, and nothing artificial, EVER. Your family and guests will love them!

Our all natural beef burgers are available in two sizes:

Be sure to check out our article and video The Great Circle L Ranch Cookoff!" where we compare our Circle L Ranch burgers vs. frozen and certified angus beef burgers. You'll be amazed!

Jumbo All Natural Beef Hot Dogs

There's nothing quite like our 3.2 oz. jumbo all natural beef hot dogs! These are some of the largest beef hot dogs you will find anywhere, and other hot dogs look like cocktail wieners by comparison! The taste is amazing and they make a perfect grilling companion to our beef burgers or a fast lunchtime meal in a pan or microwave.

Give them a try:

The Best Ground Beef Around!

Our 100% all natural ground beef is like nothing you've had before! This lean, great tasting ground beef will transform your favorite recipes and take them to another level. Our ground beef is perfect for tacos, meatloaf, chili, lasagna, hand-made burgers and meatballs, sloppy joes, let your imagination take you - the options are endless!

Take a look at our video and article "The Great Circle L Ranch Cookoff!" where we compare Circle L Ranch ground beef vs. certified angus ground beef in a cookoff, the results are truly eye-opening!

Circle L Ranch Sides of Beef

We offer a wide variety of options when you are considering purchasing a side of beef. Our Ohio Limousin Cattle are raised naturally on our ranch in Burbank, Ohio where they have easy access to fresh clean water, abundant feed, and wide open spaces to roam. We offer the following for direct purchase here on our website:

Check out our article and video "Get To Know Circle L Ranch" for an aerial tour of our ranch, and our article "Buying A Side of Beef, What You Need To Know" for important considerations when purchase a side of beef.

All Natural Beef Sampler Packs

Our Circle L Ranch beef sampler packs offer a great way to try out our all natural beef product lineup, and they also make perfect gifts. We offer a variety of sampler packs from which you may choose.

Visit our Beef Sampler Packs page to learn more!

Ohio Maple Syrup

In addition to our beef products here at Circle L Ranch, we also offer 100% pure old fashioned Amish Maple Syrup! Harvested from maple trees on the Circle L Ranch property, our US Grade A 100% pure rich amber taste maple syrup is perfect for your morning breakfast, and just about anything else you pour it on!

We offer a great selection of maple syrup in a variety of sizes, available to purchase direct from this website. Visit our Ohio Maple Syrup page to learn more!

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